Sewer Line Repair Program

Sewer line repairs can be expensive – they can exceed $4,000 depending on the problem. Combine that with finding a qualified contractor, getting the right permits and overseeing a messy project and it can be such a hassle!

 That is why we are pleased to offer the Sewer Line Repair Program, an affordable coverage plan for avoiding costly, unexpected sewer line repair bills.

  For only $4.75/month the Program provides: 

 Coverage for either a single clogged exterior residential sewer or septic line from your home's foundation to the municipal sewer pipe or septic tank.

  • Toll-free service number that is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • On-time service scheduled at your convenience with no service call fee.
  • Low monthly program cost added to your Cleveland Water utility bill.


Take advantage of a bundled program discount when you enroll in two or more primary line programs (Water Line Replacement, Sewer Line Repair, Water Heater Repair and Replacement or In-Home Plumbing Repair). Save $1/month if you sign up for two programs or $2/month if you sign up for three. Choose your combo below:

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