Cleveland Water Home Protection Programs

Frequently Asked Questions (click here)

  • Why is Cleveland Water offering these programs?
    Because many of our customers do not realize that the sewer and water lines that run from the water meter, or street, to their home are their responsibility.  In many cases, repairs can cost thousands of dollars and most families are simply not prepared for an unexpected bill of this magnitude.  A home warranty is an affordable way to receive quality service and protect your budget, while your water bill provides a convenient way to pay.
  • Who is eligible to participate?
    Anyone receiving water service from Cleveland Water with no past due balances on their water account may participate in any of the programs.  Once enrolled, you must remain current to maintain coverage.  Anyone not receiving water service from Cleveland Water may contact 1-888-822-6945 to determine if they qualify for participation through another utility partner.
  • How do I enroll?
    You may enroll during normal business hours by calling 1-888-822-6945 or anytime day or night by completing the online enrollment section of this website.
  • Are there any discounts for enrolling in more than one program?
    Yes.  If you enroll in two primary line programs (Water Line Replacement, Sewer Line Repair or In-Home Plumbing), you receive a $1 monthly discount on the combined price and if you enroll in three primary programs you receive a $2 monthly discount on the combined price.  Preferred Restoration is considered an add-on service and does not qualify for a discount.  If you enroll online, the website enrollment vehicle cannot access your Cleveland Water account to verify current program participation, but if your program addition qualifies for a discount, it will be reflected on your next water bill.
  • How long am I obligated to participate once I enroll?
    You may cancel at any time.
  • When will I be eligible for service?
    Coverage under the Program starts after the first payment is received and enrollment in the program exceeds 30 days.
  • How do I request repair service?
    Call toll-free 1-888-396-5374 anytime day or night and you will be connected with a live representative who will arrange for service.
  • Will Cleveland Water actually make the repairs to my water, sewer and plumbing systems?
    No.  Cleveland Water has contracted with a program administrator, who specializes in home warranty programs, to manage the programs and facilitate repairs.  The program administrator will use local, qualified contractors, meeting strict requirements for business operations, insurance and quality of work to actually perform the work.
  • What is the warranty on repairs?
    All repairs are warranted for a minimum of one year or as long as you participate in the program, whichever is greater.
  • Why would I need Preferred Restoration?
    The Water Line Replacement and Sewer Line Repair Programs both include basic site restoration upon completion of excavation required during repairs.  This basic service includes backfilling, raking, seeding and straw, as well as patching of paved surfaces with stone.  If you have a well manicured lawn or you know your water or sewer line travels under a paved driveway, you may need, or desire, more than just basic restoration.  Preferred Restoration includes a $1,000 allowance towards sod, shrubbery and paving of disturbed areas to return your site to a more "pre-repair" condition.
  • I noticed there are two levels of plumbing coverage. What is the difference?
    The In-Home Plumbing Repair Program covers the water and waste pipes within your home from the foundation to the fixture (sink, faucet, tub or toilet).  This program is designed to protect you against major repairs to failed water pipes or clogged or failed waste lines.  If complete plumbing system coverage is desired, the Premium In-Home Plumbing Repair Program includes repairs to faucet and toilet internals to stop drips or leaks.
  • Who do I call if I have a question about my service?
    For questions regarding your water bill or water service call Cleveland Water Customer Service at (216) 664-3130.  For general questions or enrollment in Water, Sewer or In-Home Plumbing Programs call 1-888-822-6945.  For Water, Sewer or In-Home Plumbing Program repairs call 1-888-396-5374.